Lose Me in the Sand (2011)

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Lose Me in the Sand, the second location-based album by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mark Growden, is crafted around the banjo, chosen by Growden for its timbre and its place in the history of American folk music. It is a tribute to roughshod beginnings of American music, the spirit of resilience and fortitude that music represents, and to Growden’s own rural mountain roots in Pinetown, a small, depression-stricken Northern California logging town. Rehearsed and recorded in Tucson, AZ, the new album follows on the heels of his accordion-driven Americana-noir masterpiece¬†Saint Judas (2010) recorded in Oakland.

The album is rooted in Tucson’s country music scene, with guitarist Clay Koweek, fiddler Tim O’Connor, dobro player Connor Gallaher, bassist Ian Stapp, harmonica player Tom Wallbank and guest percussionist Andrew Collberg contributing their homegrown sensibilities. With Growden as music director, the arrangements grew from guided improvisations. Each musician crafted riffs to add nuance and depth to the interpretations of Growden originals and iconoclastic covers of classics by Aretha Franklin, Bruce Springsteen, Janis Joplin and Francis Scott Key.

1 You Ain't Never Been Loved  (3:14)
2 Settle in a Little While  (2:11)
3 Bones  (4:24)
4 I'm on Fire  (3:00)
5 Killing Time  (5:49)
6 Lovin' Emma  (2:51)
7 Takin' My Time  (6:37)
8 John Hardy  (2:47)
9 Shady Grove  (4:19)
10 Star Spangled Benz  (4:25)
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