Singing Workshops

Experience the soulfulness and joy of singing as a community in these inclusive workshops with composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist Mark Growden. Come play, dance, and celebrate as we join our voices in song.

  • The workshops are customizable to suit a large variety of situations: from 15 minutes of community building at a conference to multi-class intensives.
  • All levels of experience are welcome. People who may be nervous about singing are particularly encouraged to attend.

Growden offers two basic workshop formats:

Singing Together – Community Sings
As a community, we will sing songs from various folk traditions from around the world, including gospel songs from the American South, Irish ballads, and South African part songs, as well as songs composed by Growden and other contemporary composers specifically to be sung by groups. 

Community Sings can last for 15 minutes to 1 ½ hours and can accommodate 5 to 300 participants.

Expanding Your Voices – Singing Workshops
The vocal intensives have all the fun and group singing of the Community Sings plus a deeper focus on breath, technique, and the individual singing voice.

Vocal intensives can be a two-hour session, a weekend intensive, or a multiple week class and can accommodate 5 to 50 participants.

Rates vary depending on circumstance.


“Mark Growden’s singing workshop changed my life.  I was with a group who wanted to do kareoke and I wouldn’t participate.  I realized I needed to get over this, so I signed up for one of Mark’s singing classes.  Mark starts his class with movement, and continues with sounds and songs to help you discover your own voice.  By the end of the class, I was comfortable singing with a group.  Now, I’m chiming into “Happy birthday” tunes, and even performed on stage with a group.  I feel more excited about singing because of Mark.  He has a true gift of music and I feel honored to be able to work with him.” - Zsuzsu Listro

“I truly enjoy awaiting Mark Growden’s arrival to SF. Knowing I may get the chance, to have a few hours of singing, smiling, learning, playing, and making new friends. Such a treat! I always feel so blissful at the end of these workshops.  My suggestion to you is, if you have a large enough space, ask Mark if you may host a workshop. It’s just a few hours, and the people that I’ve met, are so sweet and such a respectful bunch. I feel it’s a really good way to spend an afternoon or evening.” – Leslee Savvy

To book Mark for singing workshops email him at


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