Upcoming Expanding Your Voice Workshops

Level One and Two singing workshops are coming up in May.

More info and register here

Julie Reid from Sebastopol said this about a recent workshop:

“I am learning to sing. Not how to but that I already can. And that I must. That I am nothing if not a capacity for song. There were songs that always wanted to come from me but I had closed the valve, had the valve closed by those who were oblivious to the fact that as humans we are just vibrational instruments, God’s accordions. That capacity for joy locked up. Fear of not being able to match pitch. Terror gave me a watery and timid singing voice. I turned it off out of disgust. The songs in me could not escape. They grew deformed like feet that are bound. They emitted an odor of anxiety, of desperation. My singing teacher unwraps the bindings of all of our voices. I feel like a beggar who has been given a bowlful of warm saffron noodles. My gratitude is unwieldy like a wheelbarrow of precious stones. Precious because their weight has been lifted. Suddenly my voice can carry itself.”


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